In 25 words or less, …. describe the universe.

Moon-joins-Venus-finder-chart I think it is because my grandfather and father were so attuned to the seasons, the stars, planets and the weather. They both taught me what they knew of the universe at every opportunity. No, neither used the Farmer’s Almanac.

When my father and I would be fishing and night would creep up on us, as I rowed the boat back to shore, he would gaze into the sky and point out the constellations and the visible planets and comment on the phase of the moon. I knew the major constellations years before I ever saw a star chart in science class. Each change of the seasons was an event at my house, even if only just to declare its arrival. I learned to listen because the lessons were short. Each was probably only in 25 words or less.

Many nights I stayed up for or was awakened by my Dad to see an eclipse, a satellite pass over head or the northern lights. The night skies were so much clearer then. An occasional distant incandescent yard light was the only interference we ever experienced at that time. Few today know the details of the night skies due to the bright lights shining from every city, town or home. Few have really seen the true thickness of the Milky Way as we did many years ago. If you haven’t lately, travel out as far as you can into the country side, away from city lights, to truly see just how beautiful the night sky really is. The places with no man-made light interference are getting harder and harder to find. But it will be very rewarding.

It is the knowing that is so wonderful. The knowing of what direction you are traveling at night just by knowing the time, the season and locating a couple stars . The knowing of when to expect a full moon so you will be able to use the light to go fishing by or when would be the best time for a night flight. Being aware of what time to expect sunrise or evening twilight as the seasons pass is very useful. It may sound silly now but it is a oneness we can develop with the universe by learning these things. It is a factual thing. It has nothing to do with the spiritual or the mystical, it is just knowledge.

This time of year, it is very hard to look into the heavens and not wonder why or wonder who created all of this and we can easily be amazed. But how can we expect to learn or discover the spiritual meaning unless we have made an effort to understand and learn the fundamental facts that have already been discovered? Only in knowing the physical truths of our universe will we ever be able to begin to discover and understand the why or the who. At each season change, isn’t it a good time to learn and wonder this? Even if only 25 words at a time.


  1. You were VERY fortunate to have a Dad and Granddad who shared knowledge and taught you about the universe, sky, constellations, moon, planets, etc.! No one did that for me…but, at a very early age I fell in love with the night sky. Every night I take an after-sundown walk to just breath and revel in the moon and stars!
    🌛 🌕 🌠 🌛 🌕 🌠 🌛 🌕 🌠
    Beautiful write, E.! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…when I first saw your title, I thought, “Hmm…a post of 25 words or less…interesting!” and even tho’ I’m not good at math I figured out your post is more than 25 words! 😉 😛

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    • We were fortunate to have a farm in our family for many years. We lived on it until I was 8 years old when we moved to town but kept the farm and continued farming it for years until I was out of school. So we spent a lot of time outdoors in the unlit country hunting and fishing, the night sky away from any lights, without the moon even , is breathtaking. So dark but stars so bright! If you have never gone out to a totally isolated place, miles from civilization, at night, do it. The sky is so much more filled with stars, and planets and satellites and meteors that you just can’t see in towns due to street lights. You can’t help but talk about it!

      The title first was 500 words or less but that’s much too long for men like my dad and grand dad, they could be men of few words.

      AND the title is a joke question on a college essay exam.

      “In 25 words or less, …. describe the universe and give two examples”. :/ 😀

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      • Lucky you!
        My grandparents and parents were farmers, but had stopped farming by the time I was born. But we always had a huge veggie garden, fruit trees, plants, flowers and trees.
        I live in a rural area at about 5,000 ft, so I enjoy the night sky a lot! I used to live at 6500 ft and that felt even closer to the moon and stars! 🙂
        That is a funny joke question! Ha! 😛 Kinda’ like tell me everything you know about life in 25 words or less. 😉 Sometimes men of few words are the most intelligent, insightful, thoughtful men.

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