Leave No Scars

Posted: January 21, 2016 in poem, poet, poetry
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Cut me deep
but leave no scars
The scars I remember
not how deep the wound.
I do not remember what you said
but I will always remember
how you made me feel.
Healed wounds are forgotten
only thought of, the scars.


  1. Yes, so true and perfectly expressed in your poem, DSS!
    Yes, we always remember how people make us feel…a great reminder for people to watch their tone of voice, body language, choice of words (like name-calling or swearing 😦 ), actions, etc.
    Interesting how body/physical wounds heal into scars that are often forgotten or overlooked, yet those heart-scars from emotional wounds sometimes never heal. 😦
    (PS…say “HEY!” to OC for me!!! 😛 )

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    • “They may not remember exactly what you said but they will always remember how you made them feel” – a friend of mine puts that on all of his email signature lines. I thought it profound. 🙂

      ( I’ll say hey to OC for ya, when I see him next, he’s off doing one of his disappearing acts, evidently. He’s moody, very moody. John )

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