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Posted: February 29, 2016 in Boobs, Humor, Life, the mind, writing
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Since none other of John’s characters feel like contributing,  I will repost a few facts and thoughts about me, E, that were unknown until that time.

Saturday December 10, 2011

1) My pickup randomly does not start on the first turn of the key. Very unpredictable. It may start every time for a week and then out of nowhere it only clicks. I turn the ignition off and try again and it starts immediately. This makes me very insecure. I will be left stranded someday. Of course, it never fails to start for my mechanic.

2) I sometimes hear a humming in my house. No one else can or will ever hear it. It sounds like a fan running way far in the background. I can’t find where it is originating. Others are questioning my sanity.

3) I have a pain in my left lower abdomen. I have had multiple CT scans, x-rays and cardiac stress tests. No one can find or explain the cause. This makes me very insecure. I will be left stranded someday. Others question my sanity. If I had a tombstone and I won’t, it would say “told ya I was sick”.

4) I seldom go through fast food drive-through windows. On the few occasions that I have, randomly I get a sandwich with no meat patty in it. No one else that I talk to has ever had this happen. This makes stopping at a fast food place more interesting for me but it doesn’t entice me to go there more often.

5) I attract toddlers. When I fly commercially, I watch the door as passengers board, when a mother boards with one or more children I know exactly where they will be sitting. If the children are two or younger, directly beside me. If they are between the ages of three and seven, directly behind me so they have a comfortable place to kick their feet. This of course happens randomly, it makes that long walk down the aisle, mother, child and suitcase in tow, very suspenseful. This makes me very insecure.

6) In my experience of commercial flying I have sat next to three mothers nursing their infants. All at different times, of course. This makes me insecure, I worry where I should keep my eyes and I am amazed at how long it takes a small child to feed. But I feel that after the child goes to sleep the mother should remove the baby and button up. After a flight like that I question my own sanity.

7) I never change lines at the store check out counters. Every time, yes every time that I have changed to a shorter line, the customer ahead of me presents an out-of-town check, needs a refund or asks for a price check.

Somehow all of these unpredictable things as a whole give me a warm sense of knowledge, experience, calmness and insecurity. This I know.


  1. HA! I love this, E.! 😀 I snort-laughed!
    You are not alone! I’ve had some of these exact things happen to me, too! 🙂 Like #2!
    As for #3…I had/have that, and had all the tests, and they said it was probably just scar tissue from when I had my appendix out eons ago. I was told, “You get the weirdest pains. Maybe some day you’ll have a new disease or a condition named after you.” Ha! 😀
    I tell them on my tombstone it will say, “I told you I didn’t feel good!” But, I’m getting creamated (spelling), so that won’t work. 😉
    # 5 and #7 happen to me, too! I don’t mind #5. But, #7 is a bummer!
    I have never heard of #4 happening to anyone! 😮
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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    • Ha! Finally! Someone else that has heard it!! :\

      One of the doctors that tried to find what was wrong, said “It may just be something we won’t be able to identify until after the autopsy”. REALLY!! 😐 Ha! I’ll pass on being in a medical text. I’ll leave that to you!! 🙂 The last one said it was “displaced Pain” probably my stomach. have you heard that one before??

      No stone for me either, spread my ashes!

      I attract little kids and cats and like one as much as the other.

      Most of their burgers with lettuce, tomato, cheese and special sauce taste the same without as they do with meat. You may not even miss it.


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