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500 Vine Street

Posted: March 27, 2016 in poem, poet, poetry

(All of John’s characters are feeling under the weather today, on this day we call Easter, so all agreed to re-blog one of the only spiritual things DSS has ever written that they were all in agreement.  OC)


I’m not particularly in search of God Almighty.
I feel that being spiritual is more the quest for questions
than it is a quest for answers.
If it is a scientific thing, a firm answer may be found.
If it is a spiritual thing, the answer may be no more than mist
and if we find it as fact, is it spiritual any longer?
The world is round and the planets do orbit the Sun
What if we found God living down the block at 500 Vine Street?
Would he still be an inspiration to us?
If we passed his house each day and he was sitting in his favorite chair on the porch admiring his creations
would we be so amazed?
Would you still pray to credit God for good fortune or
for the courage to survive your hard times?
Or would you just go down to 500 Vine Street and
sit on the porch with him for a while and thank him in person?
Soon wouldn’t you just be passing by and only giving him
a tip of the hat or a shallow curtsy?
No, I am not searching for God or His answers any longer.
It is much more interesting and perhaps more spiritual to search for more questions of the Universe.
Why do bugs have 6 legs?
Why are wheels round?
Why is a thought just a thought?
Where is God?
I know… He’s at 500 Vine Street
If He was there,
it wouldn’t be long before people would be asking,
Is he really at 500 Vine Street?
An answer takes so much explaining
A question can be so short no matter how complicated the answer.
And the Universe never runs out…….
without questions, how empty the void would be.


Good Friday

Posted: March 25, 2016 in free verse, poem, poet, poetry, writing
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Breathe in on Monday, the inhale
Take in a big one
Stretch the swimsuit
Next exhale….  the end of the week
You are taking the weekly deep dive
The release will be Friday afternoon, breath held for 5 days
In deep water.

Friday, Nothing can be started today, you can only come up for air
and do that 5 O’clock gasp!
Only things finished today
or left for the big deep inhale on Monday
Save breathing for the weekend, and Have one regularly, like every 3 or 4 seconds,
take in the leisure , let out the remnants of the past few days
Life’s CPR !!!
Hopefully someone will pound and squeeze your heart.
Good Friday …. …. maaaaan  …. all Fridays are good!


This Thing of Spring

Posted: March 21, 2016 in free verse, poem, poet, poetry, Seasons

Open the doors to this thing of Spring
let purple buds spread and dandelions plant themselves deep.
Among the changing grass from brown to green
the six-legged bugs will be lost to sharp beaked and orange breasted birds.
Follow the north creeping eastern Sun
warming the wind, rain and river wanderers.
Walk slowly together  under  rain and umbrella silks
with bare feet in buckle rubber boots that splatter shallow pools.
Turn your rose cheeks to the sky and rejoice in the wet taste of this thing of spring.


A Joke

Posted: March 17, 2016 in free verse, Humor, poem, poet, poetry

I have nothin and I don’t have much time . But I do have a Bar joke, a groaner perhaps.

A Priest, Rabbi and a pirate with a parrot on his shoulder come walking into a bar.

As soon as they walk into the door the bartender says,

“Hey you guys get out of here! What are you trying to do….turn this place into a joke?”

Have a fun day!

Line up!
Single file!
Listening to the beat of the sandal feet!
March 1…. 2….3!
Line up!
I’m goin’ to tell you when to go to sleep!
Right Face!
You think one ho ur missed is Hell!
Sound off!
1 …… 2 ….3.4!
I will get you up one ho.. ur early as well!
Sound Off!
Fuck it!




( E’s yearly re-blog driven by a discomfited mind)

Well, we have gone through the motions once again. We have chased the elusive one hour of time, the daylight hour, the spring forward – fall back, the should be time . Does anyone really feel like we’ve gained or lost anything? Has it saved us anything? Do you think the people living on the eastern edge of your time zone benefited  as much as the people living on the western edge? Or do we just automatically join the common think and mindlessly move the clocks ahead for a few months and then move the damn things back for a few months each year not wondering if it makes any sense or not. Does anyone but me wonder about the futility of this exercise?

timewasteI really did sit down here to write about something more interesting but after a weekend like this I just can’t help myself. I have to rant for just a few minutes about daylight saving time.

I know it’s easy not to think about DST. Most clocks in this digital age move forward and back automatically on their own from their burnt in firmware.  I’m guessing all modern computer clocks, coffee pots, car radios, bed stand alarm clocks just change time without human intervention, mindlessly. Easy to do in the digital world, being mindless. But the last I heard and observed, the earth is still running pretty damn analog. I haven’t noticed it jerking and stopping each second going around its axis like the second hand on a digital Seiko. Or am I not drinking enough coffee?

Some say it saves energy, I guess we have used it as the hinge pin of our national energy policy. I have been acquainted with and worked with many engineers in the energy business and some that really are scientists and most agree that proving that DST saves energy is the most complicated algorithm to compute and solve. Some say it isn’t that complicated and it was proven years ago that it saves nothing.

Me, I don’t care how many parenthesis are in the frickin’ energy formula, all that I know is that twice a year millions of people, including myself have to drag our sorry working class asses into and out of bed one hour sooner or later each day totally screwing up our sleep cycle for a few weeks until we are acclimated to it. And there are quite a few thinking people like myself that continue to wonder why.

India, Japan and China I can estimate – billions of people – stopped the lunacy many years ago. It never made any sense to the thinking people of Arizona, Hawaii and the Virgin Islands. Many nations that once were on DST have now quit it.

Sorry Ben Franklin, I admire you very much but we aren’t just using candles anymore. We have air conditioning and central heat. We don’t necessarily sleep past dawn anymore. And we are spread across a lot bigger area than we were when we had 13 colonies basically along the east coast. You had 1 Time Zone, Eastern which wasn’t even thought of yet. I’m sure if you were still alive, you would be finding humor in this ritual also. Please come back and knock some sense back into us. They seem to respect your opinion.

I’m not going to list all of the pro and con claims for and against daylight saving time, there are unproven arguments on each side and frankly I hate arguing. But I knew it was a lost cause to speak against it when two things happened. The first was when they extended DST to November so candy manufactures would have more trick or treaters for Halloween, it seems more kids can participate if it stays daylight longer. The second event was when some of the countries of the world that are located on or near the equator started participating in the lunacy.

In the world of daylight saving time both of these reasons make perfect sense.


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The time of our climb is over
the days of praise are through
of thorns and torn pedal roses
Awoken by misspoken words of you

No way to sway our clinging
The past at last is through
As pages of the ages lose meaning
So revealing our feelings lose too

If  we can not foresee a tomorrow
If the winds of sin won’t change
No chances of advances will find us
On the hope tightrope we’re estranged

So weave or leave our intertwining
Please meld or shelve our mind
Let’s solve or dissolve our troubles
Dream of or leave love behind


Bye George

Posted: March 9, 2016 in Beatles

“Take these broken wings and learn to fly

All your life, you were only waiting for this moment to arise”.

Blackbird, Beatles

Another Place

Posted: March 7, 2016 in free verse, peace, poem, poet, poetry
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I have found myself in another place
another time another space
Miles from home and human race
That is all I know.

Awoke one morning unfamiliar sun
unknown hills, friends – not one
Alone again and mind undone
Among the quiet.

Dogs that smiled, cats that prayed
Clouds all burst of bright sun-rays
homes of sticks and builder’s clay
Wooden doors sealed shut.

Pipes that smoke, barrels that blast
Trees cut down, branches cast
plowed red dirt, burnt wasteland vast
Cloudy waters burn.

On my knees, I face the sky
Hear mothers and widows tear-less cry.
Their children lost, no reason why
Gone behind the moon.

I kick and pound the jungle dirt
I rip the labels from my shirt
Are we truly the ones unhurt?
That, We may never learn.



That clown also smells like moth balls.
In my little town,
we had a little clown
that would appear
only once a year
for an annual event,
a carnival on the square,
Not only did he scare me well,
he had that moth ball smell!
He must have kept that clown suit
in a closet for all the year
So now when I smell mothballs,
I think of clown and beer.
I suspected that he played Santa, too


This poem originated from a comment I made on The Muscleheaded Blog .