Posted: October 2, 2016 in poem, poet, poetry
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Happy October, you Octoberians!

Another month, another 31 days of suspense . A lot can happen in 31 days. That is over 4 weeks.

October, the eighth month, in the Roman calendar. It really should be Decober in our modern Gregorian calendar. I hereby proclaim that the tenth month of the year be called Decober. I think the Romans allowed a slight oversight so many years ago. Now what shall we call December? November and September? Another reason March should  still be our first month of the year.

See what happens when you add a couple of months to an otherwise well organized year. Everything gets all screwed up and you end up paying for it for centuries.





  1. HA! Indeed! 😀
    HAppy OCtober, OC! To you and the rest of The Gang! 😛
    I love October and November…the temps, the smells, the foods, the colors, the holidays, etc!!! 🙂
    HUGS that will make you Fall! 😀 😛

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  2. I blogged about donkeys! 😮 😛
    HUGS for a Thursday!!! 🙂

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