Posted: October 19, 2016 in poem, poet, poetry

Thoughts of burning candles
Bright candles that will soon lose their wicks
Each stared into with wonder
Movement of the flame watched as if alive
Flame so hot but too weak to resist the slightest breeze
or puff of an old man’s breath.
Lighting the way or burning the hand
Reminding us that long shadows can be cast
from the light of very small flames




  1. iampeacenow says:

    This is so wonderful! Puts the idea of a flame in perspective. Peace, neighbor 🙂

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  2. So true! Perfect ending! 🙂
    A beautiful analogy to life and our individual lives, DSS!
    I love using candles in Autumn and Winter! Especially the ones I have that smell like nature…pumpkin spices, cedar, cranberry, pine, apples…etc.! 🙂
    I could stare at the candles flame for hours.
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…I blogged on my recent oncologist appointment.

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    • Thank you SweetC! 🙂
      I like the smell but I am fascinated by the flame. Not surprised that you listed Pumpkin first, they say that is the favorite of women, but I still can’t find Pumpkin spice cologne for men. 😀
      For something as simple as a candle the analogies can go on forever. 🙂
      Headed for your post now…

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      • I remember when men wore Old Spice and I always liked it’s smell. 🙂 It’s kinda’ pumpkin-spicey! 🙂
        HUGS!!! 🙂

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        • I think the Pumpkin smell is maybe from cinnamon? I used to wear Old Spice before the old drugstore brands like Brut, English Leather and Hai Karate got popular. But Old Spice was so much your granddad’s or father’s smell, I went with those everyday brands. I wear Gucci now but its a little more expensive and I just use it on occasions.
          But now that I’m a Granddad, I may try some Old Spice again, who knows, it may get me laid. 😀

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        • HA! Old Spice would definitely get you laid! 😀
          Yes, I remember all the ones you named. I remember liking English Leather, too. And I remember my brothers wearing Hai Karate and Brut.
          HUGS!!! and Happy Sat-Day!!! 🙂

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