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Posted: November 11, 2016 in creative writing, free verse, poem, poet, poetry, writing
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From our row-boat, I looked across the lake and into the thick woods of oak, elm and hickory trees. The timber floor was covered with thick undergrowth of thorn covered gooseberry and wild raspberry bushes. Not a hospitable place for man. It was a southern Iowa jungle as far as I was concerned, full of all sorts of critters, spider webs, bugs and poison ivy. I’d been in those woods before with my oldest sister picking up hickory nuts and collecting berries from in-between those thorny bushes. After we trudged all afternoon through the thickets and finally peacefully back home, I was terrified to find a wood tick securing a home in my belly button! And I have an inner not an easily accessible outer. Oh, I knew that jungle well. It wasn’t a place for a young boy alone.


Now I was confronted with that question. I really did want to answer it to my father’s satisfaction. But was there a right or wrong answer? That damn question was my entrance into manhood and I didn’t want to screw it up. I was trying to think but now I had just learned that trees and branches can just fall in the forest, eer jungle, I hadn’t even thought of it that afternoon I was tromping around in there with my sister. The one chance for me to listen for trees falling and I was wasting my time picking and eating raspberries. And providing ticks with lunch from my belly button. Ticks! The bastards! (I didn’t know what a bastard was but if my dad didn’t like ’em, a tick was surely one , too.)


(Con’t on next post)

  1. Yay, you wrote more, OC! I was hoping for a companion piece (or pieces) to your last post! 🙂

    Well…we all need to balance philosophy=zing and deep-question-pondering and answering with nut and berry picking and eating, and tick securing! (Oh my! 😮 ) (Ha! Ticks are bastardly bastards! 😉 )

    😦 Sadly, maybe trees, like some humans, chose to “fall” when they are alone, so no one hears or tries to stop them. 😦


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    • Hi SweetC! We’ll see how it goes, I seem to have a 600 word limit but maybe I can make a short story out of it. A 10 year old can be troubled by philosophy-zing too early. he starts looking at things a little screwily different from then on if encouraged. 😛

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  2. iampeacenow says:

    Very well written. I think I see a story – or book – taking shape. Was that your plan? … peace

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  3. iampeacenow says:

    I am not on top of things…. I went back to check your other post and had not even noticed the title before – much to my chagrin. I see you are indeed putting something together :-). Awesome.

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