Time for New Years

Posted: December 28, 2016 in creative writing, free verse, poem, poet, poetry, Seasons, writing
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The New Year is approaching. Damn, I’m glad I’ve almost made it another 366 days. Some days went quickly, some days dragged by. Time, a very relative thing. I wonder if time would even exist if there was no life in the universe. Time may only be a remnant of life itself. What difference does time make to a rock or gas or liquid? Life is the only thing that has an expiring life span. Whether made intelligent and conscious or only a one-celled microscopic plant or bug. Life is born and soon dies.

What difference does time make to a rock, it doesn’t give a shit how long it takes for it to be first spewed from the center of the earth until it is blown to hell and gone as a speck of sand. A billion, 2 billions years? So what, it’s just a fricking rock. I have, maybe if I’m lucky, 77.6 years. Then I’ll be blown to hell and gone as a speck of the star-dust that I was made from. Time is a very precious thing to me. I have a few short years, then I won’t care what fucking time it is either. And in maybe another billion years some of my atoms may also end up nothing more than a particle in some boulder stuck out in the middle of Utah somewhere. You’ve seen them, a big fucking rock balanced on the edge of a cliff, not giving a shit whether it will fall or not. That will be part me and you, out in the middle of a desert in Numbfrickin, Utah.

And we won’t care if it’s January, February, March or time for supper. Because our life will have gone by just a shade under 300,000,000 meters per second.

Happy New Year!


(Again, I apologize for E’s frankness. He very seldom has an optimistic or even a poetic view of getting another year older.    John)

  1. So good to hear from E! I love his frankness!
    Right on, E! Great thoughts and writing!
    Time IS precious…as are you! And DSS! And OC! And John! 🙂
    ❤ to all of you! 🙂
    Timely-HUGS!!! and HapHapHappy New Year!!! 🙂

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  2. iampeacenow says:

    Very philosophical. It will be very prophetic if 77.6 is a true number… And eerie. I certainly agree – time is relative. A person can get a headache if they think too much about what is time and what would it mean if clocks and calendars had never been invented. Humans so want to categorize everything. peace to you in the new year – made new because we humans like some kind of system ;-).

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    • You are so right, we,man, had to but a start on the year but of course our 4 seasons sort of dictate the years. I just chose that 77.6 number because that is the U.S. average age I think. It may be 78.6. Of course everyone thinks they’ll beat that number.

      Happy New Year Jane!

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