Vanished on Friday the 13th

Posted: January 13, 2017 in free verse, poem, poet, poetry, writing
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Because I’m lazy, I was going to re-post our Bi-annual standard Friday the 13th story. You know the one,  the WW2 ship yards story of building the HMS Friday. Bla bla bla , bla bla bla. How it was lost at sea on its first shake down cruise. Bla bla bla , bla bla bla. And shortly after the loss, no one could find any record, either military or ship builder records or engineering blue prints of her ever having been built or find anyone that remembers working on its construction. Ya da ya da ya da … well……., I went to our archives to retrieve  John’s last post of the story from a couple of years ago, so I could easily re-post it and the post and all drafts of the story were gone, lost, bleato, vanished.

I’m a little spooked. I don’t think I will ever tell that Friday the 13th disappearing story again.

I know, you are laughing, but until a Friday the 13th event happens to you, you can laugh all you want. But I’m spooked!!

John says he doesn’t remember ever posting it!!!

Vanished, bam!!


(Heh, OC is a little confused. It was posted last in Sept. 2013. But I’m not telling him. Be careful out there!.  John)

  1. GP Cox says:

    January 1 & 2 this year were Murphy’s Law kind of days. If anything could possibly go wrong – it did!! So come at me Friday the 13th – I’m ready for you!!!

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  2. Eek! 😮 HA! 😛
    ‘Twas a great Friday the 13th for me!
    And, oh golly, I loves ya’, OC! 😀

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  3. iampeacenow says:

    Haha. I read this on my phone and never commented. I did enjoy! peace to you

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