Future or Past

Posted: March 11, 2017 in free verse, poem, poet, poetry, writing
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Oh, I fondly remember the past and my won and lost opportunities
I remember the feelings of pride and joy and lust and regret.
The night of sensual conversation but saying the wrong words at closing time.
I regret nothing else, only the missed chance of what that night could have been..
Oh, I think of the aircraft I have yet to fly, the buildings I have yet laid blueprints to.
The coffee and whiskeys I have yet to taste.
But none of these I dwell on.
They are mere thoughts and digested brews
None are a vision, none like the vision I still see of you.
And saying the wrong words at closing time.


  1. Aw, I think we can all relate to this poem…your thoughts and your rememberings. So beautiful and poignant, DSS! We all have similar rememberings and thoughts.

    One good thing about the past…we can learn from some of it and make our future better. But, some of the past is filled with pain and will always bring pain. So, we use it to help others who are in pain, too.
    (((HUGS))) πŸ™‚

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  2. iampeacenow says:

    Some memories – brief patches of time – stick with us so strongly. It’s as if they have a will of their own as they bring that familiar pang to mind of what might have been. It’s good to have so many memories we would never change to balance it out. Peace to you

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