Casual Heros

Posted: March 22, 2017 in freeverse, peace, poem, poet, poetry, politics, war, writing
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Old men feeling the foreplay of the sensuous tug of war
Old men that have forgotten or have never known the smell of the smoke of death
But with blustering words from their arm chairs and their long tables
they easily speak of sending the young Armies
who believe the words shouted from the podiums of these old casual heroes.
Casual heroes that now voyeur from hovering satellite views
and the green starlit 20,000 foot cameras of robot planes.
Old casual heroes with hard-ons and loose belts, craving their pornography of war.


(Let’s keep our eyes on the ball, soon there could be a lot of unusual things happening outside of the U.S. to distract us from a lot of unusual things that will soon be revealed right here at home.)

  1. Excellent poem, DSS! (The way you started the poem, and the way you ended the poem is brilliant! And everything in between is excellent!)
    Such truth.
    Great sadness.
    (And you are so right on about what you said in the ( )’s! )

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    • I swear it is a contest of who has the biggest, you know what. And while they’re playing with it, they like to watch things getting blown up. And they start it whenever things aren’t going well at home. And they know they don’t have to go and do the fighting themselves.

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      • You are right about all of that.

        Your poem made me think of the movie “Eye in the Sky” with Alan Rickman and Helen Mirren. Have you seen that movie?

        It’s a powerful, thought-provoking movie!

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        • No, I haven’t seen that movie, i like Helen Mirren a lot. I’ll put that movie now on my watch list. I see it is a very current movie.

          I’m so out of touch. 😀

          I think I’ve only seen one movie made for 2016, “Passengers” . very worth the watch, if you havent seen it. I’m so far behind, everyone but me probably had already seen that one , too.

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  2. iampeacenow says:

    Sadly this is so true. Excellent write! peace to you

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