What Would Will Think?

Posted: April 16, 2017 in authors, Everyday Life, free verse, Humor, Life
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I approached a large green intersection sign and it said “Will Rogers Turnpike Next Right”. I have taken that tollway a few times and I have seen it on maps and I have just driven past it as I did last week. But I’ve never really thought about something. What I’ve never thought of but now seems so apparently ironic is this. Did the person that suggested Will Roger as the name for that tollway really know anything about him?

I have read a lot about Will Rogers and I have seen his films. His political satire is the best and very cutting. But he didn’t appear to give any politician a free ticket. Or a free pass or maybe you could call it a free toll ticket. He was the biggest promoter of a free public transportation system. But I now can’t help but think what Ol’ Will would have to say about having his name up in lights not at the movies theater but up in lights in the middle of a big 30 foot green tollway sign. And you may know some tollways in Oklahoma. You are stopped every 20 miles or so to pay another toll. Now I can’t help but think about how Mr. Rogers would be impatiently chewing his gum faster and faster searching for change before and after each one of those damn toll gates. Now that’s funny! I’m sure he would be writing about it in his daily newspaper columns.

Rest in peace Will, there are plenty of other things named after you, like airports. Oh my god! I never thought of that! What would he be writing about airports nowadays? Now that’s even funnier to imagine!

Such is the life of John

  1. slmret says:

    Some funny thoughts! Will Rogers was a familiar name in Southern California, and there are several places named for him — no freeways or roads or airports, but polo fields, State beach parks and the likes. I think he’d like that!

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  2. iampeacenow says:

    They are so proud of their favorite son they stick his name on everything! I confess I have never read much about Will Rogers – just bits here and there. My grandfather was a fan of his – but I don’t think they called them fans back then ;-). I’ve been to the museum and the birthplace. It would be very interesting to hear what he has to say about today’s political climate. peace to you

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  3. HA! Great observations!
    Yes, I’d love to hear Mr. Rogers take on life, politics, and technology today!
    I enjoy his words and his brain and his sense of humor!
    Ha! yes, those turnpike tolls and yet the roads always seem so rough and in bad shape. HUGS!!! 🙂

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    • Don’t get me started on toll roads. :/ Enough said, but ….. no I won’t get into it. Butt.. there are a lot of tax payer dollars that go into supporting Toll roads, bridges etc. Its all not the common think of, “make the people that use it, pay for it”. And now some states are even thinking of selling our public roads to private corporations. Roads built by public consensus and tax dollars, There should be a law against it. Where is Mr. Rogers when we need him. 😀

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