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Posted: July 11, 2017 in Boobs, change, creative writing, Everyday Life, Humor, politics, story, writing
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So, you want a few thoughts from me, OC ?  I really am the most colorful, I think, of this bunch that John allows to occupy his otherwise very empty mind, body and soul.

I’ve been having a lot of fun this year. As some of you know , I am more or less apolitical (E says that means non-political) and I don’t give a shit. But I will say this, President Trump is about the stupidest son-of-bitch that we’ve ever had as the leader of our country. I’m just telling you right up front how I feel. You see, I’m just telling you exactly how it is. I ain’t what you call wishy – washy. Some probably say that I am stupid for saying it that way. And you know what, so do I, but that’s just how I feel whether you agree or not, even if it isn’t true. I’m just telling you what I’m thinking right off the top of my head. Take it or leave it mother-fuckers.

Now before you get all burly and excited and threaten to beat me to a pulp for talking that way about your President, stop and think a minute! How I explained myself in that last paragraph is exactly what you stupid bastards said you liked about Trump.

You said “I like him because he tells it the way it is. He doesn’t mince words, he tells ya exactly what’s on his mind, right or wrong , whether you agree with him or not. I admire that about a man and a President”. If you love that about a man, you should love the hell out of me.

But truly, I gauge a man when I first meet him this one way and one way alone. And it is as simple as this, would I like working for a boss like him? Would he be an ass-hole to work for?

Come on you working stiffs out there that voted for him. How many bosses have you had that were like that ass-hole that you told to go fuck himself and you quit to find a better job? You voted for him as President? You need to wake up for Christ’s sake! He’s not going to do anything for you.

Shit, I could run for President.

Now, who brought the beer. Let’s have a drink and try to forget the mess you guys have made, then we’ll find that strip club a few blocks from here I want to check out.


( I guess there isn’t much here that OC has said that I need to apologize for.  He just likes to tell it the way it is.    John)

  1. Hey, OC!
    I love hearing your opinions! 🙂
    You SHOULD run for President! I’d vote for you! 🙂
    HUGS!!! and ❤ !!! 🙂
    (Never censor or apologize for OC! 🙂 I love his refreshing tell-it-like-is attitude! Wish some people would wake up and hear what he has said here! They NEED to! HUGS for J! 🙂 )

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    • Hi Caroline!! ❤! I don’t want to have anything to do with the Presidency. 🙂 But it does seem that the bar has been lowered. We just have to say what they want to hear and act mean and tough. :/

      But I’m leaving the politics to E. I’d rather do the few fun things in life and just help John maintain his sanity. 😀 just encouraging everyone to CHILL a little! 😀

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  2. I’ve vote for you, brother ! 🙂

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