Some Understand and Some Do Not

Posted: August 28, 2017 in free verse, poem, poet, poetry, writing
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I zoomed past the first day of summer in June, then in August the greatest solar eclipse to cross the United States in almost a century  and now in a few more weeks we will be entering September and the Autumn equinox. Time flies sometimes when you are not paying attention. I should say being preoccupied with other phenomenon of the social kind.

Oh, I noticed those physical events. I paused shortly and admired the Sun on the morning of the longest day. I went along with the rest of the family and sported cardboard glasses with the ISO approved lenses and watched the sun, moon and earth alignment that caused the street lights to come on precisely at 01:08 PM on that Monday afternoon. I just wasn’t connected with the Universe as securely as I usually have been in the past.

That Universal gravity, that invisible presence of compassion that we’ve been told was filling the vacuum of the vast misunderstood black emptiness, we call the Universe, just hasn’t been there this year. Everything has seemed to be commonly earthly. I’ve felt this way since the season turned on our shortest day of December’s winter solstice. I became noticeably disturbed by it on our March equinox.

All these wonderful astronomical phenomenon marking our days and I’m unattached, absent and disengaged with them. Since November I’ve been surrounded and living under a hateful absence of compassion. Just as sure as the wrongs and disheartening of Arthur spoiled Camelot, surely this emptiness, this vacuum so close to our homes, will fill our country with the bile of this ignorant man’s hate. When have we, our country, ever been led by this kind of influence? Surely not in the past 60 odd years of my life. Oh, there has been hate in my lifetime but not from the leader of my country.

Whether it will be the denying of climate change or the postponement of scientific exploration here at home and literally of our Universe out there in that real dark vastness, the absence of our leader’s compassion will affect our world. Hate, bigotry and scientific denial has that effect. Perhaps more now than at any other time of our country’s last 100 years we are being threatened by an asteroid, an asteroid of hate. How will we dodge it?

Such is the life of John

  1. I understand. I’ve felt the exact same way…and wondered, “Is something wrong with me…or what is wrong with all of those other people?!”
    And, sadly, I don’t know how we dodge the asteroid of hate. 😦 Even tho’ I tend to be VERY positive, and Pollyanna-y, recently I have felt sad, disheartened, and angered by all that is going on from the top on down. 😦
    I guess we keep on being an example that is the exact opposite of the asteroid of hate. We do our best to make a positive, loving, kind (ETC) difference in our part of the country, and the world.
    So much more to say about all of this, but I won’t.
    Just want to say thank you for this excellent, great write, J! I needed to read this today!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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    • Hi Carolyn, thank you for your comments and continued positive input and attitude. I think I know maybe why you are feeling so down today. Where you are living now, I have been watching closely. You have some very good and brave Senators and some Representatives that are successfully resisting. And we should be proud of them.

      And another thing, just remember that in order for a man to accept a pardon he must admit his guilt. In order for a man to offer a pardon he is acknowledging that he knows the man is guilty. Two men that are admitting that they are both exactly what the courts have charged and decided. And they will for ever be known as that.

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      • You’re welcome!

        Yes, we do. And we are. 🙂

        Wow! You are so right about that. I hadn’t thought of it in those terms. But, that is exactly right! Neither of them have any guilt about anything (as far as I can tell). 😦

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  2. slmret says:

    I was talking with a psychologist the other day who said that he thinks we, the country, are in trouble now — he believes this because of the violent hate shown by the protesters. It used to be that we could protest and/or counter-protest as rational discourse, without the violence that is being shown now. I found myself wishing that the climate change deniers could be the first to suffer when the climate change manifests itself (that’s not at all like me to think that way!)!

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    • We used to have a Toyota Prius, loved it, great gas mileage and it had great acceleration and could cruise at 75 or 80 mile an hour and kept up with all the traffic. It just wasn’t as comfortable to ride in as the full sized cars. I just got tired of gas guzzlers, SUV’s and big cars cruising in comfort using the very fuel that I was saving for them. We traded it off for a more comfortable less economical Sedan. We were saving the fuel, we were riding less comfortable and other drivers are really less courteous to the smaller cars, they feel they have to pass them regardless of how fast they are moving. No, the ones like us that are trying to save fuel and economize are indeed the first to sacrifice and do without, the ignorant will be bulling around, still wasting until the last gasp of clean air.

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