Flight On Top

Posted: September 22, 2017 in Everyday Life, free verse, poem, poet, poetry, traveling, writing
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I am thinking of the bird’s nest built on the spring season wreath that was hanging on my front porch at home this summer. I thought the eggs would surely be hatched by the time I returned. Perhaps then the young birds, mouth wide open, would still be begging a meal from mother robin and stealing a bug or two from their nest mates. Or maybe if I was long coming  home, they would have flown the nest, placing their trust in the thin air as I am today traveling far from my home.

It is always sunny here on top, above the clouds. As the wisps of mist turn to thin clean air, we break into a hidden world above the cloudy day. Towering columns reach high but try as they may they still are beneath us. Our earth thousands of feet below is now only white vapor and rain and clouds covered by sunshine.

One hundred and five minutes, that’s how long it will take to travel what would take my four-wheeled conveyance eleven and a half hours. I’m traveling seven times faster but there is no breeze to my face or rumble at my feet. And as far as I know, no one on my bumper, to the left or right of my lane or rambling too slow ahead of us. How can others sleep while I am wide-eyed. I have traveled 12700 miles by air this year so far. I have never kept track of the miles in earlier years. Tell me, how many miles does it take until a guy is able to read a newspaper, play a computer game or sleep while being 35000 feet in the air and traveling 535 miles an hour? How many miles until you are deadened to the marvel of it all? Keep the orange juice, forget the pretzels or peanuts, don’t bother me, I’m looking out the window and wishing I was up front.

Nothing better than being on the way home. Check your bags, who cares if you’ll never see them again. No reason to drag your dirty laundry with you in the tightly packed, neatly tagged and tiny wheeled canvas Samsonite. Sure, keep the computer and camera but pack the little black bag so you are traveling lightly. You need at least one hand to drink the Tim Hortons or Starbucks. Worry about balancing the coffee and watching the scenery, not balancing two bags and keeping sight of your replaceable possessions. Don’t waste your time and energy protecting your “stuff”. You are miles from home and seeing things that you may never have the chance to see again, even if it is just a pretty girl or a set of 4-year-old twins each carrying a complete boxed set of Matchbox cars that Dad gave them on his way to war.


* From 4 years ago.

  1. Ahhhh… to be free from the tethers and be able to fly. 🙂

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  2. I LOVE THIS, DSS!!! It brought tears to my eyes! 🙂 FIlled with such vivid word pics (I felt like I was there!) and great emotions! 🙂

    Yes! On the journey there is so much to see, experience, enjoy, and learn! Then upon returning home, we can share all of it with other people! 🙂

    To fly like the birds…with confidence, in freedom, with joy! 🙂 Yes, I imagine you WOULD rather be the one up front. 🙂 Personally, I love sitting by a window and staring out and daydreaming I AM a bird! 🙂 Ha! NO one would want me flying the plane!!! 😀 They’d be like forget the orange juice and pretzels, pass the vodka and sedatives!!! 😛 😉 *snort* 😀

    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  3. Thank you Carolyn. 🙂
    I love people watching while on trips. 😀

    Birds are lucky. 😀 Well I will say this, I’ve never drank or even wanted a vodka while I was flying up front, but I have to tell ya, I have had a couple flights that it was damn nice to have one very soon after I landed. :/ 😀

    Hope you are having a Happy Freaky Friday! And will have a great wheeeee- end. ! 😀

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  4. iampeacenow says:

    This is so wonderfully written. It certainly makes one think about how they view flying commercially – or in general. It is a pretty amazing thing to be able to do. And it’s a very good thing you enjoy flying since you have to do it so often! Safe travels always. peace to you

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  5. Oopy! I though you’d blogged a new blog post…but, alas, I find I am wrong.
    Hope all is well with you.
    It was a tough day for me on Wed…lots of tears, but lots of great memories, too.

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    • Sorry, I hit the publish button but meant draft.

      Hugs to you on a tough day Caroline, yes, the memories never leave you, you remember the good and the bad, the good thing about tears is that there are tears of sorrow but soon also tears of joy.

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