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Here it is May and I’m still thinking winter. We are well into the fifth month of the year and before we know it the year will be half gone, will we miss it, the time? Was it really ever here or are we just walking through life and the miles and steps are just making time, our forward motion only making an allusion of time? We are covering the distance, we must be moving. Well, there is TIME (the kind that Einstein talked about) and there is another kind of time, Brain Time. Because I’m not as smart as Einstein, I have to deal in the easier understandable, Brain Time.

Brain Time is the time we use when we are waiting to meet someone at such ‘n such a place at such n’ such a time. If you get there first, the time waiting for them to arrive seems long. But if you’re the one that is late, the time getting there seems to go fast. Those seconds and minutes add up, but depending on your brain, some accumulate slowly, some more quickly. Unlike TIME, there are no mathematical formulas for computing Brain Time. We have to wing it and do all of the computing in our head. And the neat thing is, we don’t have to show all of our work.

Here’s an example (we don’t need to show our work but we must have examples),  we are driving past a grocery store and the wife says “Stop, I need to run in here and get a head of lettuce, it will just take a minute”.  Need I say more?

After sitting in the car waiting for that minute to pass, you clean your finger nails, play both CD’s of Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”.  And finally decide you can’t hold it any longer and will have to use the store’s facilities to pee when your wife finally immerses out the door with three sacks of necessities to go with that one head of lettuce in a Santa Fe chicken salad she has decided to make.

Brain Time her, one minute twenty seconds, Brain Time me, 95 minutes…….. exactly. Hopefully she hasn’t forgotten the lettuce.


Such is the life of John