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Shine, the Sun

Posted: June 30, 2019 in free verse, peace, poem, poet, poetry
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Temperatures rising. The heat, the outdoor temperature. You would think it was July already.



While this morning settles into summer

And the winds settle of their draft

With clouds five miles high

The sun

The sun, the warmth of the sun

The warmth burns me

My arms, my arms and neck

My face, my face and nose

Burn from the heat of this day

Burn me!

Oh! royal orb You burn me!

Where is there shade from your love

Shine down on me but why the burn

Shine down on me but why the hurt

Shine, the sun, but please don’t hurt me.


Here it is, Saturday, again.

Reflecting on the past week, I am satisfied. I had a little bit of a health scare but all of my doctor and tests appointments were made prudently and all of the visits I had were precisely on time with little waiting. It was truly a medical week that ran well greased.

Now the weekend wait for the results on Monday. The waiting for an appointment, easy. The waiting for test results, not so easy. Where is Star Trek Doc McCoy when we need him. One click and squeak of his medical “tricorder” and mystery solved.  It is the 21th century for gawds sake, I want my flying car and tricorder. They said I would have a flying car and a tricorder by the beginning of the 21th century. For crying out loud! 19 years late! The only things I have gotten in this new century is a 65 inch digital TV and a few new pairs of 84% nylon and 16% lycra stretch underwear (which I do look marvelous in, by the way).  I want my flying car!!

(Steady now John, you know what the doctor said, “you seem very – anxious – “. Calm down and try to get more sleep.   OC)

O god! I’m being calmed down by OC. This ain’t good.


We all would like to think that our lives are neat , rosie and levelly spent. We expect and hope for perfection in our homes, lawns, automobiles and family pictures.

But we must face it, most times the thumb  appears on the lens and rainbows turn out only as faint non-glowing colors and it doesn’t display itself long enough for that second chance for a perfect picture. Telephone poles and road signs appear from out of nowhere and all of the grass, just like all the world , isn’t green. My food at my birthday dinner usually is not worth taking a picture of. And all of the guests eyes are not open and the ones that are open are red and all their hair seldom neatly combed. What I’m trying to say is, life seldom is perfect.

I love fading rainbows, seldom mowed lawns and telephone poles in pictures that seem to be growing out of my sister’s head. I try to guess which finger it is smearing the lens (I’m betting it was the middle one), what does that sign across the street say and what it would be like to have a brother with permanently red eyes.

I spend much more time looking at imperfect pictures than I do the perfect well placed ones. That goes for imperfect and possibly more interesting lives, also.

Such is the life of John

Deja Vu!

Posted: June 2, 2019 in free verse, peace, poem, poet, poetry
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It is Saturday night and I am watching SNL. How long has this been on the air? Just asking. The Jonas Brothers are singing. How long have they been around? Do I need to ask?

Anyway, deja vu , I’m Back, you ain’t dreamin’ !

Have you ever had that feeling? Deja vu! Wait I just said that.

I was driving through Kansas City the other day and a garbage truck was passing me on the right. This huge garbage truck just as it was the closest to me blew a left rear tire. The large pieces of exploded rubber tread slammed into the side of my car. I thought, what! That again!!  Deja vu. I hate it when that happens!

I was at the Quik Shop early the other morning. While I was gassing up, the woman in her bath robe and pajamas was filling up a mini-van  from the next pump, yelled out “can you help me? !! She was pulling on the gas nozzle apparently stuck in her gas tank inlet. She was frantically pulling on the hose, red in the face and I can only imagine feeling very embarrassed. As I helped her unhook the nozzle from a damaged filler spout  she says “ I hate it when this happens, the same thing happened to me a couple weeks ago”.

Deja vu.

My advice, get dressed even when you are just taking your kids to school.

You know…… those Jonas Brothers sound pretty good tonight. Deja vu!

Such is the life of John