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Riding the Comet

Posted: July 18, 2020 in free verse, poem, poet, poetry, writing
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Riding on hot fires and flares of exploding stardirt
Melting into the ice of comets
orbiting through dark and deep.
brewed in sunheat,
Organized by chaos
Tempered by flame and cold
Lightly touched by an amino……I wiggled.


I’ve had it. I’m moving ahead. I am done with talking about the problems this country has. I am moving on. There are too many things I want to do the next few years that I have on this earth. I have never seen any bad color in this country. I’m not wasting anymore of my time trying to convince you of everyone’s civil rights and equality for everyone. You can stay stuck in the mud unable to see but I’m moving on. Just get out of my way, you are slowing me down. I have many things to do and I don’t have time to waste, listening to your racist ideas. I’m casting away the weight that you add to my load. I’m moving on without you. I have always believed in equality and I don’t need you trying to drag me down into the mud you are stuck in. Stay where you are but there Are millions like me that are throwing off the load You add and are satisfied in The world we will be without your hindrance and We are moving on. You won’t be missed. We all have great new lives to live so Just get out of our way. We will have no more of your 20th century Jim Crow BS. Look in the mirror, you are old, wrinkled and sagging dying flesh. Our faces are fresh and of many colors.


(E , this week of the 4th of July, has been surrounded by What he is too polite to call many white privileged (and I will just say it) racist bigots. He is very tired of it. He believes that it is time for all races, white, black, Latino, Asian and LGBTQ to join together and just keep moving ahead. Just leave those that think they are privileged and superior behind. He knows that they are unable to move. If they don’t move but we keep moving ahead, we will be leaving them behind. The laws of physics and the laws of gravity will be on our side. Keep moving, keep ignoring them, for the Universal laws of our galaxy will abide. DSS)

What if we remember the moon wrong
And toast to it before it’s full.
Does it mean the same?
Is it as real or of value?
Proclaiming the nearly full moon.
Reaching out to the hope of the moon.
But you must first know it.
Is what you give as real?
What is it that’s given back?
Is it no more real than
the full moon a day early?
Is it no more than an early moon
With your hopes and promises as full?