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So, you want a few thoughts from me, OC ?  I really am the most colorful, I think, of this bunch that John allows to occupy his otherwise very empty mind, body and soul.

I’ve been having a lot of fun this year. As some of you know , I am more or less apolitical (E says that means non-political) and I don’t give a shit. But I will say this, President Trump is about the stupidest son-of-bitch that we’ve ever had as the leader of our country. I’m just telling you right up front how I feel. You see, I’m just telling you exactly how it is. I ain’t what you call wishy – washy. Some probably say that I am stupid for saying it that way. And you know what, so do I, but that’s just how I feel whether you agree or not, even if it isn’t true. I’m just telling you what I’m thinking right off the top of my head. Take it or leave it mother-fuckers.

Now before you get all burly and excited and threaten to beat me to a pulp for talking that way about your President, stop and think a minute! How I explained myself in that last paragraph is exactly what you stupid bastards said you liked about Trump.

You said “I like him because he tells it the way it is. He doesn’t mince words, he tells ya exactly what’s on his mind, right or wrong , whether you agree with him or not. I admire that about a man and a President”. If you love that about a man, you should love the hell out of me.

But truly, I gauge a man when I first meet him this one way and one way alone. And it is as simple as this, would I like working for a boss like him? Would he be an ass-hole to work for?

Come on you working stiffs out there that voted for him. How many bosses have you had that were like that ass-hole that you told to go fuck himself and you quit to find a better job? You voted for him as President? You need to wake up for Christ’s sake! He’s not going to do anything for you.

Shit, I could run for President.

Now, who brought the beer. Let’s have a drink and try to forget the mess you guys have made, then we’ll find that strip club a few blocks from here I want to check out.


( I guess there isn’t much here that OC has said that I need to apologize for.  He just likes to tell it the way it is.    John)

In 25 words or less, …. describe the universe.

Moon-joins-Venus-finder-chart I think it is because my grandfather and father were so attuned to the seasons, the stars, planets and the weather. They both taught me what they knew of the universe at every opportunity. No, neither used the Farmer’s Almanac.

When my father and I would be fishing and night would creep up on us, as I rowed the boat back to shore, he would gaze into the sky and point out the constellations and the visible planets and comment on the phase of the moon. I knew the major constellations years before I ever saw a star chart in science class. Each change of the seasons was an event at my house, even if only just to declare its arrival. I learned to listen because the lessons were short. Each was probably only in 25 words or less.

Many nights I stayed up for or was awakened by my Dad to see an eclipse, a satellite pass over head or the northern lights. The night skies were so much clearer then. An occasional distant incandescent yard light was the only interference we ever experienced at that time. Few today know the details of the night skies due to the bright lights shining from every city, town or home. Few have really seen the true thickness of the Milky Way as we did many years ago. If you haven’t lately, travel out as far as you can into the country side, away from city lights, to truly see just how beautiful the night sky really is. The places with no man-made light interference are getting harder and harder to find. But it will be very rewarding.

It is the knowing that is so wonderful. The knowing of what direction you are traveling at night just by knowing the time, the season and locating a couple stars . The knowing of when to expect a full moon so you will be able to use the light to go fishing by or when would be the best time for a night flight. Being aware of what time to expect sunrise or evening twilight as the seasons pass is very useful. It may sound silly now but it is a oneness we can develop with the universe by learning these things. It is a factual thing. It has nothing to do with the spiritual or the mystical, it is just knowledge.

This time of year, it is very hard to look into the heavens and not wonder why or wonder who created all of this and we can easily be amazed. But how can we expect to learn or discover the spiritual meaning unless we have made an effort to understand and learn the fundamental facts that have already been discovered? Only in knowing the physical truths of our universe will we ever be able to begin to discover and understand the why or the who. At each season change, isn’t it a good time to learn and wonder this? Even if only 25 words at a time.


Well, another year begins. 2016, if this century could drive, it could get its driver’s license this year. It is at that awkward teenage time of life. Its male side is walking around with a perpetual boner and not really knowing what to do with it. And worst of all, centuries don’t have thumbs and can’t effectively do anything about it anyway. So we don’t know what kind of trouble it will be getting into compensating for either short coming. The female side of this teenage century feels like she is 21 and doesn’t understand that there are no older male centuries out there that she can relate to. She wants to move ahead and start acting like an adult, although she is not quite experienced enough to survive in it. Very frustrating century age for her to be. Tempers on both sides can flare!

As you can see, we living in this 21st century teenaged age are living in a very critical time. If either side of this 2016 age doesn’t get laid soon, we are going to be in a hell of a mess. Just look back through past century’s teenage years and it will scare the hell out of ya! Many cruel historical events happened in each century while in its teens.

So what’s it going to be, this 2016? Will our male side of the century continue blustering around overcompensating for its short dick by getting bigger guns, building for war and self-protection and pushing the downtrodden,  the poor and displaced. Or will it just calm down a bit, read some good books, learn how to drink, smoke a joint or maybe just get a magazine and grow some thumbs. Get rid of some of that testosterone. Chill for Christ’s sake! You are only 2016!

And the same for the 2016 teenage century girl side. Trust what your 20th century mother has told you. Your mind will grow into your lovely new 21st century body. The man side will soon see more in you than just sex. There is time for you to make a huge mark in the world. This will be your century. Just enjoy your youth and don’t try to grow up so fast. But learn to compete with the male and female assholes! You are only 2016!

I’m sorry I have to talk to you this way so early in the year, 2016. But it is a very critical age you are living and lots of people are depending on you. So take your old Uncle ShipSmoke’s advice, and try to play nice this year, calm down, take a breath. I’m getting old, my bones hurt and I need the rest. But try to shut the fuck up and enjoy your time here!


(Thanks DSS! , E or OC couldn’t have said this any better themselves.  John)

December 21st 10:49  PM, really? 10:49? I think just knowing the date is enough. We’re not exactly making an appointment to meet the cable guy. But the 21st does have significance on Monday, as it does on about the same day each year.  You probably already know but E is always the one that has to bring it up, as he did in spring, summer and fall. Now it’s my turn. Monday is the first day of winter.

You say “Whooppie!! or “Awwwwww OOoooooH!” or probably more likely, ” who gives a frick!”. It is easy for us to say this, we in the 21st century. But go back a few hundred years and it was a different story.

Our dumb ass ancestors actually thought that there was a possibility that the Sun would just keep heading south until it would get so far away that it wouldn’t return and the dumb bastards would be left with no light and warmth at all. That is, until the great God, Whoever The Hell, allowed it to come back again. In the mean time they knew they’d have to kiss the ass of their holy priests to intervene for them to convince God, Whoever The Hell, to allow it to shine again. They believed the same thing about the moon, the migrating animals and the big fish in the sea. Kiss the ass of the priests and they’d convince God, Whoever The Hell, to let them all return. You name it, the crops, the rains, the animals, the ice, what ever their lives depended on, they had a priest or superstition that covered it.

They had to go through the priests because our great, great, great, great, great, etc. ….  grandfathers 20 times removed knew for themselves that they understood nothing as complicated as God, Whoever The Hell. And surely only a priest could talk to him. You know, it was very similar to the assholes in this century that start out their logic with the expression “I’m no scientist but …….. “, “I’m no doctor but …..” or “I’m no whatever butt”. Back at the dawn of man, it was “I’m no priest but I know it’s true, I have to give away my bear skins to the priest or the Sun ain’t coming back”.

And that’s pretty much what a lot of men today still believe. They think it has to be magical, life that is. It’s all frickin’ magic. They can be presented with scientific facts but they still don’t believe it. It isn’t magical enough to be true. When the facts started coming in about how the solar system really worked, the mystics didn’t want to believe it, no matter what religion they believed in. It took years for the mystics to accept it. They didn’t want the magic to end.

Well, I’m just a common man living out here in the middle of nowhere and I can assure you that tomorrow, sometime in your AM or PM, the earth will start tilting back into the other direction and the sun will be shining a little longer on the earth each day for about the next 6 months. The scientists have convinced me. You can bet your bear skins on it. Now don’t get me wrong, we’ll have more sunlight but they are telling me the weather may be a little different. And it isn’t being caused and won’t be stopped by magic.

Hope you have a nice winter.



(Of course, all of this is true only if you live in the Northern Hemisphere.     E.)





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There has been some playful stomping in the puddles of my mind lately
But you know I will only allow splashing on the surface
And certainly no more than ankle deep
You can only wade in areas that I am sure you can touch the bottom.
If you are thinking of putting on hip waders to tread into deeper waters,
I warn you it will be on a slippery and rocky bottom that you step.
If you have any plans of diving in head first you will be entering a dark and scary place.
Perhaps not deep but the currents are strong and you can easily be swept away.
If you are playing in my pool, I will do my best to keep you in the shallow end.


Oh damn…., OC is back, I was hoping we would never have to go back there again.  John