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What A Waste

Posted: November 8, 2015 in food, tradition
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The last time I was out, I was sent this link and I have finally had the time to follow it. It is an Andrew Zimmer, you know the Bizarre food guy, article about the island country of Madagascar. To summarize, there is a family tradition. It seems that after each male birth at the age of five, they have a ceremony of circumcision. This is not the unusual part of the story. The unusual thing, and it definitely has attracted my attention, is that one of the grandfathers of the clan must eat the foreskin. I hear your ewwwwwws! already! I guess to make it more appetizing they eat it from the end of a banana, really. Here’s the link, I am not making this up!

I don’t understand why they waste the foreskin in that way. In my family, we have a similar circumcision tradition. But we use it to upholster another bar stool.