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November 26, 2014






Bringing fine wines in straw lined baskets
wine aged in casks for few or many years
Bottles containing the labor of earth
As the new, refreshed and the aged
the sparkling, fermented and clear

They run as the fluids in our veins
the whites of our sweat, the reds of our blood
the champagnes of our ideals
Our bodies as the tinted, the clear and the opaque bottles
containing the zest, the sparkle and clarity of life.

We open our minds and souls
to release the bouquet
the bouquet of our thoughts
and the taste of our wisdom
Released to the palate of our worlds

Gathering on these days of Thanksgiving
we join to mix our flavors
to sweeten our dryness
and to heighten our senses
Taking comfort in the robust feelings of each other’s love

Such is the life of John

Enjoy our day of Thanksgiving.

Wrong of Heart

Posted: November 13, 2017 in free verse, poem, poet, poetry, writing

I know the ways of your scheming heart
that squeeze the muscle those fired sparks
The thoughts the food that feeds its force
of blood that follows its deceitful course
Not veins but lies that spread caustic cells
into the minds of those, those hollow shells
that need a cause to relieve their plight
of life, of fate, of their racist nights
to release their rage on all thought wrong
Provoked and nettled into a repetitive song
Of threats and violence of fiery, fire and fight
making what’s not wrong into what’s not right


Because friendship is laid in layers
and thickened of loves and tears.
One day, how thick will be our strata
with many memories captured between the years.

Not long from now we will awaken
and will still be but alone
we will peel back a layer of our memory
And remember the morning we lay before the dawn.

When we only lightly touched and softly spoke
And judged it was wrong but yet
We only made sweet hugs and said good-bye
Adding another layer to our regret

Because friendship is laid in layers
and thickened by many years.
One day, how thick will be our strata
with many memories between other loves and tears.