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The “thing” going around in the last couple days is that a data collection firm harvested 50 million “Facebook” profiles.

I do not use FaceBook. Never had a profile there. I started one and filled in a few of the initial blanks of the profile and then scrapped it. But my profiles for any internet site are all different. Yes, I lie.

I was in “I.T.” for over 40 years. Yes, before there was a word or name for the technology. I began when information technology was just beginning. When computers became commonly used and memory storage increased, I saw that “information” was going to be key. User / customer data were secure mainly because every Tom, Dick and Harry didn’t have a computer mainframe at their disposal. The “internet” was just beginning, it wasn’t even called that. Only the military, colleges and big businesses had a mainframe computer and phone lines that connected them. Things were primitive.

The most popular computer phrase was “garbage in – garbage out”. Think of that. And that information was on punch cards and later reel to reel magnetic tapes.

Today, as everyone knows, the most powerful “mainframes” fit in the palm of our hand. Access to information is everywhere, whether it is your information or your neighbors, you can get it. How do we combat that? How do we keep our information private? Frankly, we can’t. Eventually your private info will be compromised. You must understand and believe that.

In the words of Mario Savio, “we can only slow the machine, clog the levers and the gears of the machine”. Clog the machine so that the information about you at Yahoo, WordPress, Facebook, Google, Amazon and YouNameIt is unreliable, confusing, conflicted. Confuse it so information gathered, pigeon holed and categorized will be less useful or at least questioned and less valuable.

Most things are self evident and I won’t repeat them here. Other things never to disclose is your real birth date, where you were born, when you were married, where you were married, your middle initial. If it is required, input something different in all of your different accounts. Get it? And if you judge it unnecessary for the account you are signing up for, your real name. It doesn’t matter, because the deep data miners will know that by your internet provider, IP address and probably your MAC address.

On variable information, ie – your life style, fuck’em up. If you are a Dem, input Rep. Next account input Independent. Next time when asked, Dem. Clog the fucking machine. I’ve been married in Las Vegas, Belgium, Washington DC and Fargo. To name a few, I forget the others. I have used 15 different middle initials, so far. For every serious Google search, I make one or two far out ones. My dog’s name has been Old Yeller, Lassie, Ralph, Blu, Skippy and NoneUBiznes. When answering a request for a special password validation question, for gawd’s sake don’t use anything that is the truth. You don’t need to use your mother’s real maiden name in their info profile or your real dogs name or da dit da dit da. You get the picture?

If you are a conservative, visit a few Liberal sites. And visa versa. If you are “religious” check out PornHub (wait, that one may not confuse them). Turn your TV (they are harvesting data on most TVs, too, which I love, every time Trump comes on, I change stations for a few seconds) or computer to Fox News, MSNBC or CNN and leave it on two or three hours while you do yard work or detail your car. If you are checking prices on underwear on Amazon, check out guns for a minute or two also or try to find “Underwater Basket Weaving”. See how far out your random advertisements on Yahoo, Google, FaceBook and WordPress , etc can get.

Remember “garbage in – garbage out”. Definitely keep them confused on location, age, politics, education and income. And most importantly, confuse them on what your fears are.

The point that I’m trying to make here is, we are not the customers of any of the social media companies. We are their product. They sell our data. Not just data that has to do with their platforms, but anything whether public or private that we reveal to them.

The recent news that 50 or 60 million accounts and any of the accounts of friends, associates, grandmothers, aunts, uncles, grandkids and dogs, kittens and personal confession posts and emails were sold to a company that mines, sorts and collates this data to be sold to clients that uses this data for their own cause should not surprise us.

Do you want your private information helping to elect any of your political opponents? Whether republican or democrat it affects you.
Do you want your data used to decide free choice, gun ownership or gender issues? What ever your political hot spot is they can use that to sway votes, no matter which persuasion you have. They don’t care, they are selling it to the highest bidder and turn that data into what ever cause that is willing to pay.

Take Ol’ Great Uncle Nutz advice. If you can’t beat’em then confuse’em. Do what analytical and political strategy companies are doing to us, “If you can’t furnish them with facts, then buffalo them with bull-shit”. If you still want to participate in the social media machine, then clog the levers, clog the gears and stop the machine with so much inaccurate information that their collating will be of no use.




I have this thing that is still bothering me. This old post may explain it.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ok, I can’t hold my tongue any longer. This has been bothering me for a month now and the events of this weekend have brought it to a head. It is something that no one has mentioned.

The event of this weekend was the death of Andy Rooney. I shouldn’t have to remind anyone in the U.S. that watches the news or the 60 Minutes TV show who he was. It was very well known that he closed the news magazine’s last 5 minutes practically every Sunday night for the last 30 years. In so many opinions he was a wonderful writer. I say wonderful not great because he was not a Steinbeck or a Hemingway and he would have been the first to say that. He was just a writer that you could read or listen to his commentary and it made you feel good and maybe chuckle, no matter what the subject. Those that liked to read him were in love with the way he could take any subject and expand upon it just enough to make an interesting few minutes. I think this came from his experience as a reporter for the Army newspapers during World War II.

As most have heard, Mr. Rooney at the age of 92, died this weekend after having retired from television less that a month ago. He died from complications after a minor surgery. After the news of his so late retirement, the news of his death is very surreal. But that is not what’s bothering me, although I will miss his talent very much. I say “bothers me” because that is what he wrote about. He even published a book titled “Things That Bother Andy Rooney” so I know, now that he’s dead it is alright for me to tell “The Thing that Bothered Me About Andy Rooney”. Something that no one has mentioned.

Have you ever wondered how anyone could allow their eyebrows to grow so long and thick? Eyebrows, long bushy eyebrows. Andy Rooney had the longest, bushiest eyebrows of anyone I have ever seen. I mean long eyebrows that turned around onto themselves. It had to have become his “look”, his identity. So much so that a barber wouldn’t dream of touching them. It bothers me that he could be so public in allowing his eyebrows to become so unkempt. And no one that I know of has ever mentioned it. Perhaps I have gotten fixated on this because as I grow older, the more I notice and have to trim my own eyebrows.

It would seem, that guys like myself and Andy, as we shave everyday, we would notice the eyebrows. Even after having trimmed mine innumerable times, I still don’t specifically inspect them every morning as I shave. It seems I will go for days without thinking of them and then one day I notice that the brow hairs are standing out at an outlandishly long length acquiring a very bushy look. I think, if I would allow them, my eyebrows could become every bit as bushy as Andy’s. I wonder at what age I will become like Andy and just let the darn things grow and not fuss with them. And maybe if I could write as well as Andy did, my eyebrows could be over looked unnoticed by others, also.


Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.

The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.

I have noticed even people who claim everything is predestined, and that we can do nothing to change it, look before they cross the road.

Stephen Hawking


April 17, 2014

Among the jumbling mumbling mode
the Racker Thatcher crumbs his creel.

his back’s crunched bent
– his chrome’s thrust spent,
fingers palms thick tough as heel.

upon the humbling rumbling ride
the Racker Thatcher moves his way.

his voice’s grunt gone
– now electron’s song,
teared eyes movewink what to say.

within the mightling thinkling mind
the Racker Thatcher spins his rhyme.

smiles gum and tooth
– speaks Universal truth,
of our, A Brief History of Time.


Through the Veil

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Modesty, sculptured by Antonio Corradini,

As my eyes fade and my breath weakens
Come to me
Come to me wrapped in your transparent veil
with draped naked breasts and swollen teats
Veil loose over your light hair, brilliant eyes and smooth face
Come to me
Come to me and see me now through your gauzed eyes
see my wrinkled skin, pale chiseled unshaven face
as it was, under your silken folds, when I was a younger man
please see me as then
Come to me
Come to me and hold my swollen hand
beneath your translucent silks
tight against your warm and supple belly skin
so I can again steal the deliciousness of its taste and feel
Come to me
Come to me naked beneath your veil, your earthly form vaguely exposed
and rest your hip on my bed’s edge
so we can closely gaze the last look of our softened naked earthly souls.

DSS  © 3/10/2018


Follow Me Today

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Feeling bad…
I’ll tell ya feeling bad….
wake up without a dime to your name
Or a bed to call your own
No place to clean up, your clothes or your face

I’ll show ya feeling bad…..
Just need a job …
work your ass off
for a day of poor wages ….
But no chance of making it better

Hell no…no chance of makin’ it better..
with worn out clothes and shoes…
the only livin thing that talks at ya and smiles
is a dog that’s only lookin for a meal
and a box as warm as yours

follow me today….
I’ll show ya feeling bad…
all that I own in a shoppin’ bag,
a pair of socks and a book..
a book to read to feel I’m still alive

Don’t read no Bible to me
For now I’m alive without it…..
I’ll listen for the soup but the soup is thin,
as thin as the platitudes it’s made from
and the stench of your Holy speak

say your words ….
give your sour looks…
when you leave look back.
yeah..I’ll still be here feeling bad …
yeah.. follow me today

follow me today…
like the shadows behind me
talkin’ in my ear so loud,
shoutin’ my name,
tellin’ me to keep movin’ or die..

yeah….follow me today….

Tuesday December 14, 2010

December 11, 2013
I spent a couple days working in a downtown area this week. The temps were below freezing. It doesn’t matter what city, in most that I travel to I see the same thing. It’s not changed much since I wrote this three years ago.

March 10, 2018

Well, let’s see if tax cuts will change this. Wrote this over 7 years ago.


Goddamn it! It is “Ba da Bing Ba da Boom”!

Not “BADDA Book, BADDA Boom”.  Jeez!

As in “It’s easy, walk in, raise the motherfuckin’ tariffs, walk out, done!  Ba Da Bing Ba Da Boom,”.

Dumb fuckard.