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Throwing Heat

Posted: November 27, 2019 in free verse, poem, poet, poetry, writing
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You know, the Sun is over 90 million miles away and it is able to throw enough heat to effortlessly penetrate squarely through my home’s slotted window shades. 

How much heat am I throwing to help warm up the Universe? I’m talking the good kind of heat, not the CO2 caused warmth. I’m thinking the friendly kind, the “hi, how are ya!” kind. Just saying that can warm up another person more than all the sunshine that the Sun can throw at ya. And that kind of warmth has no danger of sun burning. We can throw it and bask in it all day with no worry of a peeling burn  or skin cancer. It only warms the heart.

So throw some heat, let’s do our part in warming the Universe, let’s say a few “Hi! How are you?, Good to see you!” ’s for the rest of this cold-winter year. It may even warm you up a bit, too.

Hi! How are you? Good to see ya……!

John and the Gang



Here lies this week’s Friday’s Words of Wisdom. This week brought to you by OC and Alexander Hamilton.

“When a man unprincipled in private life, desperate in his fortune, bold in his temper, …… despotic in his ordinary demeanour—known to have scoffed in private at the principles of liberty—when such a man is seen to mount the hobby horse of popularity—to join in the cry of danger to liberty—to take every opportunity of embarrassing the General Government & bringing it under suspicion—to flatter and fall in with all the nonsense of the zealots of the day—It may justly be suspected that his object is to throw things into confusion that he may ‘ride the storm and direct the whirlwind”

Alexander Hamilton


Hmmmmmm…… that sounds like someone that I know. I’m going to text this Alexander fellow and find out more. OC

( OC… E here. Mr. Hamilton was shot in a duel over 250 years ago. )

What! Dead ? Man I got to tell ya, The good die young!


As Time Goes By

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Usually I title my post after I have finished writing it but today I knew exactly what it would be.

Lately I have been very interested in the phenomena known as “time”. I just didn’t know why. Was it my ever greying hair, my stiffening aching back, my slowly decreasing  libido? No, none of these. For goodness sakes none of these, well maybe one of them. But no, It was …………… kittens.

Yes, kittens. It is simple really. No knowledge of light years, black holes or theory of the expanding Universe is needed. You just need to watch kittens, kittens growing.     

It was the first of September, a chilly, windy, cloudy day. When we heard the weak crying sound of a kitten’s meow in the bushes of our front porch. It was a distressful meow not unusual coming from new born kittens left alone. There were two tiny wailing fur balls, the mother must be moving her litter to a more secure nest and perhaps was away to retrieve another. We didn’t touch them and decided to wait out of sight for a few hours to see if the mother would return. She never did return after over 6 hours. They were indeed abandoned.

Well, what do ya do? 

We both knew the ups and downs of bottle feeding, both of us growing up on a farm and being of cat families. First they needed warmed up and fed something to calm them down. Time was wasting, we made do with an old syringe, condensed milk and Karo sirup until we could get to PetSmart to get the proper formulae. They were filled with just a few milli-liters of “formulae” before calming and falling asleep. They weighed 5 and 6 Oz each. We judged 1 and 2 days old.

After a 70 mile round trip to the store and the right kitty formula, we became equipped to take on the responsibility of rescuing these helpless animals. The plan being to keep them alive until weened and then given to our   Local dog and cat rescuing vet. 

All of their developments happened right on the internet told kitty schedule. Eyes opening, increase of food wanted, crawling, walking, kitty litter, claws opening closing, teething, weening, everything right on kitty time as the weeks passed. 

Now, It has been over 11 weeks, they weigh over three pounds each. That is 48 Ounces, that is over 8 times their size in just over 2 and a half months. They have turned into personalities. We had hesitated giving them names, we called them Grey and Stripe, using their fur colors. My dad always told me never to name any animal you may have to give away or eat. So we decided no names, let that be the honor of their new owners.

We really didn’t want to divide the two. We asked, the vet said, probably no chance to keep them together. We asked how long before they were adopted, it could be weeks. At their growth rate, they would be cats in just a few weeks, hard to adopt.

Anyway, what had to be done was decided in a New York minute, …….. you know very fast.

We named them Neil and Buzz.  We found  them a few weeks after the 50th anniversary of the Apollo moon landing. Now they have the run of OUR house. They get their first vaccines and their name tag chips today.

Such is the life of John




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Here is one I wrote 4 years ago that I stumbled over while looking for something short but sweet. It is certainly short.


With no words that come to mind
no feelings, thoughts or voice.
In silence sit with tightened lips
stare glazed by watered eyes.

No songs are sung or poems read
all books are shelved and closed
Within the thoughts of all closed minds
lies dead a spoiled rose.



Here lies this week’s Friday’s Words of Wisdom. This week brought to you by OC.

Hello fellow travelers! Today I was reminded of a book I read as a teen. My words of wisdom are “If you find yourself as a stranger in a strange land you may not be traveling alone. We all are travelers in Strangeland. If you look, you will find them.” OC



Here lies this week’s Friday’s Words of Wisdom. This week presented to you by E, John’s long trusted political consultant because “John ain’t got no opinion!”.

Good morning you dumb bastards. 😁 Let me get this straight. All of you here must have some sort of computing device capable of reaching the Internet or you wouldn’t be here. So now do what you have to do on the damn thing to pull up Goggle, Bing, or jesus…… Web Crawler. Wait if you are still using Web Crawler what I’m about to tell you ain’t going to help ya anyway so you are excused. Just go back to YouTube and watch kitten videos or old George Wallace speeches and come back tomorrow when John has a different subject. (Google spelling intentional 🧐, J )

Now everyone else still listening, Go to Goggle, and search this “what U.S. spends on medical costs per year”. I will wait here, please come back after you do that, I will wait……………… zzzzz z……. Ok, thank you for coming back.

What I learned first was “The U.S. spent 3.9 trillion in 2018 on medical costs” . The number varied a couple of billion plus or minus between different sources. But I will take Goggle’s word for it, they probably are at this minute data mining all of our medical records  as I speak so these numbers are probably about right.

Now Goggle “what percent of U.S. GDP per U.S. citizen on medical expenses “.

There will probably be a list or a chart there that also compares the U.S GDP number with every other country in the world. If not I can tell you, we, the U.S spends twice as much as the other largest country’s. That is twice as much percentage of GDP. Now take our yearly cost times 10, the total U.S. number is 39 trillion over a 10 year period.

One of the candidates has said her Health care plan will be around 30 trillion dollars over a ten year period. And her opponents  are saying “We can’t afford it!”. Yes, we are barely affording 39 trillion now. But, it looks like to me, but I’m just an old country boy, that she could be saving us about a trillion dollars a year, give or take a few billion.

My words of wisdom this week – We should stop and listen to her plan. My company would have fired me if I ignored saving that kind of money.


(E may have something there, maybe we should listen .)

(Once again I must apologize for E’s language and his strange relationship with Google, really, that’s what he calls them, Goggle. You just have to know him to understand. J)

 Such is the life of John


Of God, Love and Arnold

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We soon run out of poems if we don’t speak of love or God. Not that I like to speak of either. So I will repost my favorite Arnold poem.


Of God, Love and Arnold

You soon run out of poems
if you don’t speak of love or God.
Both mysterious things.
No mystery or awe speaking of hammers and nails
or horses or cats or birds named Arnold
Not all of these things or all birds
just one bird named Arnold
A story much too complicated to discuss here.
Although he does make a very good poem.
But speak of a God named Arnold and ears perk up.
God Arnold is a mysterious heavenly being
Full of love and blessings but with a very bad temper
You don’t piss off God Arnold he’ll drop ya in a New York minute.
Not like other Gods we could write poems about.
Interesting Being,
Books and scrolls could be filled with poems about God Arnold.
Poems that speak of love
and forgiveness before he throws you down a drain pipe
with a garbage disposal at the end.
Centrally located  somewhere in Kansas.
Because, He will drop ya in a New York minute,
For you that are not familiar with New York, that’s very fast.
God Arnold’s love is like that you know.
But he can be bribed
If you let him have all the fun
and you live on bare floors and eat nothing but dry shredded wheat.
Arnold the Bird has a much better life.
And you know, he makes for a much better poem.